Side effects

You would surely have heard about one of the best remedies to treat the issue of impotence. Yes, here we are talking about the Viagra, which is prescribed by the doctors of the top recognized institution as the best medicine to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. Any of the people have the wrong perception about this medicine that it is not suitable for the body as it can lead to the several side effects. You must be clear that the excess of everything is worse and can lead o side effects.

The same happens in the case of the Viagra as if you are taking it under the full guide, then you will only attain its positive result, and if not, then you have to suffer from its side effects. If you have no knowledge f the functional aspects ad the side effects of the Viagra medicine, then you are supposed to have a look at these essentials. They will give you detailed knowledge about the side effects that can be caused due to ignoring the proper prescription of the medicine.

  • When you take a medicine for the first time, you will face issues such as dizziness, headache or even your stomach will get upset. You should not worry about this issue as when any new drug will enter into your body, then these effects are very normal. It has been noticed that some of the people the problem of blurred vision due to the use of the Viagra. But these are kind of very normal side effects which are faced by the individuals.
  • It is better to take precautions before the happening of uncertainty. You can prevent any fall due to dizziness after the use of Viagra by getting up slowly. Do not get energetic in making the body moments, and even if you are lying on the couch, you should stand up slowly.
  • As you know, the people like to have a sex in their life, and it does not matter if they are going through any kind of hearing problem. The Viagra is the best medicine that can give you a boost in your sexual performance, but if you still start feeling dizziness during the sex. This might be the reason for the side effects of the medicine. You are advised to stop doing sex at that time and contact your health expert as soon as possible.
  • There were certain cases observed in which the people had the erection after almost 4 hours, and they claimed it to be very painful. This is not a normal issue, so it is better to be in your touch with your doctor as he will prevent the effects of side effects, and you will not have any kind of risk due to permanent problems in your sexual organs.
  • The most common and unnoticed type of side effects by the use of Viagra is the allergic reaction. In this type of reaction, the individual will face the issue of itching and rashes, and it is an only better option to quit the medication immediately under the supervision of your health expert.


By now, you would surely have got familiar with the side effects that can be occurred due to your mistake. So you are suggested to follow the instruction to avoid the side effects mentioned above. Not only will you get permanent relief from the problem of impotence, but also you will not face any other issue. You will have a great impact on your overall sexual performance.