Have you heard about the various sexual problem faced by the individuals in this era? Though we commonly faced by them from the past times but now for every kind of sexual problem there is a kind remedy available which can heal it. The erectile dysfunction is one of the most common types of sexual issues that are faced by the majority of people. There are several reasons that lead to the occurrence of this sexual problem, such as stress, tension, and depression. In this issue, an individual is not able to sustain his erection for a long time period due to which their partner gets dissatisfied by them.

The Viagra tablets are one of the best medications available in the market, which can correct your erectile dysfunction and offer you a better sexual life. By taking a few of the dosage this medicine, you will definitely get rid of this sexual problem, and this will going to be a great thing for you. You need t make sure that you are taking a dosage of this medicine with the proper prescription, and for this, you can have a look at the points mentioned below.

  1. You are supposed to take a dosage of Viagra as per the instructions mentioned in your prescription. You have to make any kind of modifications in the dosage of Viagra, and if you are required to do so, then you can simply get in the reach of your health expert. He will indicate to you the best possible solution for this is available with them.
  2. It is not mandatory to take a dosage of Viagra in the daily routine if you are not having regular sex with your partner. Viagra is just to be considered a few minutes before getting involved in sexual activity. So you are suggested to take it from at least 1 hour prior to getting engaged in sexual activity. This is true that doctors recommend some people to make it 4 hours before getting into a sexual activity because they got the late results of these kinds of medicines. The most important thing is that you do not make a mistake of taking more than one dosage on each day as if it will lead to serious side effects if you have overdosed.
  3. The motive of the Viagra is to stimulate the flow of blood in the penile region of the human body. If you are prescribed this medicine, then it does not mean that you will entirely rely on it for sustaining the erection. You have to also follow the instructions and guidelines that have been given by your health expert. Going through them, paralleling will make you attain its best results without any kind of hassle or risk.
  4. An essential thing about medicine is that you should always keep it in your mind about its storing place. If you want to attain the same effectiveness from the dosage of Viagra for a long time period, then you should store it at room temperature. This will protect your medicine from any kind of climatic exposure, and the quality of medicine will be maintained for a long time period.


The dosage information is a vital part that is to be followed during the intake of any type of medication. The results and benefits of the medicine are mainly based on who you are taking them and which variety of conditions you have kept your Viagra. You should surely try the Viagra as it is truly worth for money commodity.